The power of plants

Detoxification is a medical buzz term of the day for a good reason.

Seared Market Fish and Shaved Beet Salad

“I was inspired by the importance of bees and how they are intrinsically woven into the eco system.

The Time to Act Is Now

Climate change is here. It’s costing all of us money in rising costs for everything from food to property insurance.

Pollination and what it means to you!

Surely everyone knows that bees and flowers go together. We see wild bees on our unkempt lawn, or on raspberry bushes, or even on budding trees in the spring.

Urban Food Production

Growing food in cities, on the rooftops of buildings, on balconies, walls and over under utilized parkland, boulevards, and parking lots is the solution to many challenges!

Earth Day 2016 #Rooting4Trees

On Earth Day, April 22 2016, world leaders will gather in New York to sign the new Paris Climate Agreement.

Start the year right with a visit to your homeopath!

After the holidays, many people decide to start the New Year off on the right foot and I tend to see a lot of new patients in January. People are often tired of suffering with a particular illness,

Our Team's Top Voted Wellness Apps

Staying healthy over the holidays and sticking to your wellness routine is no easy task.

Five homeopathic remedies to equip yourself with this fall

Aside from the much-needed break from the sweltering summer heat, fall weather often comes with an unwelcome barrage of seasonal aliments.

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